Signature Classes


Summer Drama

The Summer Day Programs for students 5-14 (separated into two groups) are from 9am to 3pm. There will be plenty of variation to ensure students attending multiple weeks during the summer do not have a repetitive experience. Activities include: The Zoo: In this exercise kids embody various animals and different environments and dramatic situations their animal might encounter. Puppetry: We’ll spend time making and bringing to life our own sock puppet companions. Mythology: Kids will learn about major Greek gods and goddesses by learning and recreating their myths. Clown School: Everyone has a clown inside. We’ll find the one inside each child. Mask Work: Mask work has the ability to free anyone from their inhibitions, even little ones who have few to begin with. Movement Theatre Exercises: Based on a series of movement techniques and exercises created by the master of movement Jacque Lecoq, our exercises are adapted for the younger set. Play Making: Throughout the week we will collaborate to create a short play. Improv and Theatre Games: They will play a variety of theatre games that will not only sharpen acting skills, but mental capacity, coordination, focus and much more. Each day will include several of the above activities, depending on the age group and the inclinations of the students and teachers. Each week will be tailored to suit the needs and abilities of the children in attendance.

We provide a morning and afternoon snack and water each day to each student, but kids should be sent to stage/play with a packed lunch.


Dream Up/Act Up I: Ages 4-7

Kids love to dream up the wildest things and this class gives them the space, freedom and guidance to create while strengthening listening and communications skills. In this class students will play theatre and improvisation games that will hone and stretch their ability to imagine, move and create. They will create characters they dream up themselves, build stories around these characters and then act them out. They'll also explore what happens when their character interacts with another child’s character, learning the art of collaboration and ensemble. This class will give children in this age group the confidence to not only create, but share their creations with the world. At the end of the course there will be an open rehearsal and a final presentation of the original play devised by the class. Classes held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights.

Dream Up/Act Up II: Ages 8-14

Improvisation, imagination and movement games help kids develop more physical, mental and emotional command of their person. The art of acting and playmaking for children 8-15. Kids will learn basic acting skills as well as what it takes to tell a story on stage. Students will devise a piece of theatre from creating characters, devising a setting, to inventing dramatic twists and stage-worthy endings over the course of the semester. They will be encouraged to dream up using their imagination guided from idea to inception by their teacher. In addition to the playmaking portion of the class, kids will exercise their imagination, develop better focus and gain confidence through targeted acting exercises and improv games. At the end of the course there will be an open rehearsal and a final presentation of the original play devised by the class. Classes held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights.