Signature Classes


Juliet/Romeo: Ages 11-15

In this class for beginners as well as more experienced young actors, every girl is Juliet and every boy is Romeo. Girls will explore the characteristics that make Juliet such a powerful heroine-- her strength, bravery and vulnerability-- in monologue and scene work. Boys will likewise tap into the passionate, focused Romeo, whose love for Juliet transforms him from a boy to a man. In the context of this Shakespearean tale of star-crossed lovers, students will practice basic acting principles as well as specific classical acting techniques. The term culminates in a final presentation for parents and friends. Classes held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope.


Dream Up/Act Up: Ages 7-10

Kids love to dream up the wildest things and this class gives them the space, freedom and guidance to create while strengthening listening and communications skills. In this class students will play theatre and improvisation games that will hone and stretch their ability to imagine, move and create. They will create characters they dream up themselves, build stories around these characters and then act them out. They'll also explore what happens when their character interacts with another child’s character, learning the art of collaboration and ensemble. This class will give children in this age group the confidence to not only create, but share their creations with the world. Classes held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope. 


Wildlife/Still Life: Ages 3-6

Improvisation, imagination and movement games help kids develop more physical, mental and emotional command of their person. In a popular exercise children embody animals large and small gaining awareness and understanding of the animals’ personality traits, vocal characteristics, size, ferocity and more. The goal is to help young children better appreciate roles/characters they might explore in later classes, but more importantly to better appreciate the people in their lives and what makes them unique. Energetic games and exercises are countered with more grounded ones that impress the power of stillness. Classes held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Heights and Park Slope.